The North West Gambling Board is a statutory body established in terms  of section 3 of the North West Gambling Act 2001 (Act no 2 of 2001), as amended and classified as schedule 3C Public Entity in terms of the Public Finance Management Act to regulate the gambling industry in the North West, South Africa.


The vision of the North West Gambling Board is to be a leading and socially conscious authority in the regulation of gambling in the world, while the mission of the Board is to provide effective and efficient regulatory services and maintain a gambling industry, which contributes to socio-economic growth and development.


The Entity's strategic goal is to regulate business activities in the province to create a conducive legal, business and socio-economic environment for business prosperity. The goal statement is to roll-out Limited Payout machines; facilitate the discussion on the reallocation of the fifth casino license; license Bookmakers and Totalizators; combat illegal gambling in the province; and promote responsible gambling.


While gambling remains a catalyst for development in the North West province continued mechanisms and checks and balances are of critical to keep the sector regulated and to rid it of illegal gambling methods which leads to global crimes like terrorism and money laundering.


Of critical importance is to make sure that the industry contributes to the socio-economic development of our province and the country at large. This is necessary in creating a safety net for government to deal with matters of socio-economic concern such as poverty, unemployment and income inequalities.

Our province and the country inherited a skewed past, one that favored a particular class and race and in trying to find solutions to these imbalances, we must create economic opportunities for the Previously Disadvantaged Individuals. The narrative that we seek to create is informed by affording these strata of our society an opportunity to be active participants of this economic trajectory.


With the new technological processes as informed by Globalization, some of the challenges confronting our organization have been to tackle these inefficiencies in the regulation of the gambling industry in the North West. As such we continue to stay relevant and adequately supported by legislation.


In discharging our responsibilities as set out in the legislation the Board takes into cognizance, that some of these challenges might have unintended socio-economic consequences which may be caused by unscrupulous forces within the industry. However we continue to keep a watchful eye in maintaining a socially and economically acceptable level of gambling in the North West province of South Africa.


In conclusion we are a fairly rural province with more than half of our population not being part of a narrative we seek to create. And in discharging our mandate we can only achieve this by including these economically marginalized groupings as part and parcel of this trajectory. Affording them this opportunity, will go a long way in changing the status quo for the benefit of all people in our province, irrespective of race, gender and class.



The North West Gambling Board’s approach to service delivery is premised on the following values:


Service Excellence





If you suspect or you are aware of any illegal gambling operations, please call on

0860 545 545

All calls received will be treated confidentially and callers may remain anonymous, however, provide adequate details for the Board to be in the position to address all concerns recorded.

Report any Fraud and Corruption incidents: 0800 701 701