Board Functions

The Board performs the following functions, as prescribed in section 4 of the North West Gambling Act, 2001 as amended and the National Gambling Act of 2004:

The Board performs the following functions, as prescribed in section 4 of the North West Gambling Act, 2001 as amended and the National Gambling Act of 2004:

  • to oversee gambling activities in the Province;
  • to advise the MEC on any matter referred to it by the MEC relating to the control of gambling in the Province;
  • to exercise such powers and perform such functions and duties as may be assigned to the Board in terms of this Act or any other law, and particular to:
  • invite applications for licenses in terms of the Act;
  • consider and dispose of applications for licenses in such manner and at such time and place as it may from time to time determine;
  • grant, renew, amend, refuse, suspend or revoke licenses under the Act;
  • impose conditions in respect of any licenses at any time;
  • revoke licenses granted under the Ordinance;
  • acquire, hold, hire, let and alienate intellectual, movable and immovable property;
  • appoint staff and do all things incidental thereto;
  • conclude and perform contracts;
  • participate in or conduct quasi-judicial and administrative proceedings;
  • make and enforce rules for the conduct of its proceedings and hearings;
  • receive, expand and generally administer funds;
  • collect and administer in accordance with the provisions of the Act, levies and fees imposed by or under the Act;
  • make rules and regulations governing the licensing, conduct and operation of any gambling activity or business;
  • conduct or cause to be conducted hearings, investigations and inquiries with regard to any matter falling within the scope of its functions;
  • enter into agreement with or obtain the assistance of any department or organ of State, including the South African Police Service, to conduct or assist it in conducting its investigations;
  • conduct an ongoing study of, and investigation, into gambling throughout the Province and elsewhere to keep abreast with developments in the industry;
  • determine minimum internal control systems for license holders, including accounting and reporting procedures and any other procedures or systems, whether computerized or not;
  • impose penalties for any breach of any of the rules or regulations made under this Act, which may include fines or the suspension of or the imposition of conditions relating to any license issued in terms of this Act;
  • determine fees and charges in respect of investigations, inquiries and any other function performed by the Board;
  • collect and administer interest and penalties imposed by or under this Act;
  • undertake or cause to be undertaken test on equipment and gambling devices used or to be used in gambling activities and to recover the costs thereof from any person at whose instance or such tests are undertaken;
  • issue summonses for the appearance of persons or the production of books, documents or things in connection with applications, hearings, investigations or inquiries under this Act, including the rules or regulations made thereunder;
  • compile a list of persons who are to be excluded or rejected from specified licensed premises and of those who are prohibited from partaking in specified gambling;
  • make rules governing the licensing, conduct and operation of amusement games including the licensing thereof and in consultation with the Responsible Member and Treasury to impose license fees therefore;

If you suspect or you are aware of any illegal gambling operations, please call on

0860 545 545

All calls received will be treated confidentially and callers may remain anonymous, however, provide adequate details for the Board to be in the position to address all concerns recorded.

Report any Fraud and Corruption incidents: 0800 701 701