Gambling remains one of the catalysts for development in the North-West Province, as such continued control mechanisms and checks and balances are critical to keep the sector regulated. In the performance of its regulatory oversight function, the Board seeks to eradicate all the illegal methods, which contribute to societal ills such as, human trafficking, prostitution and global crimes such as terrorism. Of critical importance, is to make sure that gambling operators pay levies and taxes to government. These are necessary interventions in creating a safety net and eliminate any negativity that gambling is perceived to have on society.


As the Board, we need to audit finances of gambling operators to make sure that there is transparency and compliance. This can only be done if they are properly registered. Illegal gambling continues to be an area of concern in the industry, and this is despite numerous efforts to curb it. We continue to work closely with police to clean up all illegal operations because they are a hindrance to our operations in promoting socio-economic growth and development.


Over and above this we are regulating a sector which is largely untransformed where multi-nationals, continue to dominate in the space of ownership, management, control and procurement. The narrative is slowly but surely changing and one would realise that we are striving to afford new-entrants an opportunity to capitalise on the business opportunities created in the gambling industry.


It is common cause we can only achieve transformation in this industry if we include the marginalised groupings as they are victims of our skewed past. Affording them an opportunity to be part of a new economic narrative is informed by changing the status quo for the benefit of all people irrespective of race, gender and class.

Nathan Oliphant CEO

If you suspect or you are aware of any illegal gambling operations, please call on

0860 545 545

All calls received will be treated confidentially and callers may remain anonymous, however, provide adequate details for the Board to be in the position to address all concerns recorded.

Report any Fraud and Corruption incidents: 0800 701 701