North West Gambling Board Appoints New Chief Executive Officer

The North-West Gambling Board has appointed Mr. Nathan Oliphant as its new Chief Executive Officer. Mr Oliphant’s was appointment following the departure of Mr Fortune Sekgaphane whose tenure ended in January this year.


Mr Sekgaphane led the Board from 2008-2018 and was instrumental to many of its successes. The Board’s Legal Manager Mr. Jacob Montshioa was holding the fort during the transition period and is credited for stabilising the organisation during this period.


Mr. Oliphant comes with a wealth of experience in both the public and private sector. He was senior manager at Eskom before joining the Department of Finance, Economy and Enterprise in the North West as its Chief of Staff and later Acting Chief Director in Economic Development.


“We need to measure the impact that the gambling industry has in our socio-economic discourse as a province. Has it been able to contribute in addressing the challenges of poverty and unemployment. Has it been able to create opportunities for the poor, downtrodden or previously disadvantaged either through job opportunities or direct ownership” said Mr. Oliphant.


Mr. Oliphant further maintains that he will be focusing his energies on dealing with the scourge of illegal gambling particularly in the western region of the province where it continues to show a stubborn presence despite efforts to curb it.

Mr Nathan Oliphant (Chief Executive Officer)

“I will schedule meetings with the provincial head of police and the Hawks and device ways and means on how we can deal with illegal gambling. Government is being robbed of taxes and levies by these unscrupulous people. Some of these operations are a haven for criminal activities such as drug and human trafficking.”


Efforts to transform the industry are overshadowed by illegal gambling activities, Mr Oliphant maintains.

“We need to be tough and swift in our actions, or else by tomorrow we will end up with an industry riddled with corrupt and crooked people.”