The North West Gambling Board is excited about the recent court judgment (SCA) delivered on 28 November 2022 involving Goldrush Group (PTY) Ltd in which Goldrush was challenging the decision of the Board to impose on it a license condition which sought to promote the participation of Historically Disadvantaged Individuals in pursuit of the ideals of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment. Goldrush was questioning the lawfulness of the license condition that required that local black individuals should hold 60% of the available shares in the license.

Goldrush lodged an appeal with Supreme Court of appeal with the Supreme Court of Appeal following its failure to set aside the decision at the Mahikeng High Court.

The judgment by the Supreme Court of Appeal to dismiss the application by Goldrush vindicates the long-held decision by the Board that the Board has the authority to impose the license conditions relating to BBB-EE.

The Board will continue as an entity empowered by an Act of law to transform the gambling industry in the province, to promote and uphold the objectives as espoused by the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act by ensuring that the local Previously Disadvantaged Individuals benefit from every license that is issued in the province. In terms of the Act, the Board may impose any license condition it deems appropriate, justifiable and reasonable to achieve this objective.