Zeerust –The South African Police Service pounced on two tuck shops in Zeerust on the 19 November 2021 which were exposing children to illegal and unsafe gambling.

During the operation, the police cherry master gambling machines, from Mmabekere General Dealer and Almadina Tuck-shop. The two tuck shop owners did not have license to hold or expose such gambling machines to the public. With the assistance of the North West Gambling, the police issued the two owners with admission of guilt fines of R1 500.99 each which the offenders paid.

The operation forms part of the consistent compliance inspections by the Law enforcement units to eradicate and combat illegal gambling operations in the province. Illegal gambling continues to be an area of concern in the country particularly as it targets those of who are most vulnerable in the society. The Board loses over thirty million rand per annum in taxes and levies as a result of illegal gambling activities.

The Acting CEO, Mr. Simon Mogapi remarked that “since 2008 the Board together with the South African Police Service, has intensified efforts to ensure that illegal in the province is clambed down and the perpertators are duly prosecuted.”
Illegal gambling is a source of various other social ills and criminal activities like human trafficking, money laundering and substance abuse.

More often than not punters are lured into illegal gambling activities only to be robbed of their monies and belongings. As the Board we have been embarking on a number of campaigns to educate the society on the dangers of illegal gambling including the reporting thereof and responsible gambling, the free treatment and counselling programme available to assist those who are addicted to gambling.

With the festive season approaching, we want to appeal to the people of North West to help us fight the scourge of illegal gambling in the province and not to gamble in gambling operations which are not licensed by the North West Gambling Board. In order to notice a gambling premises which has been licensed by the Board, the respective premises is required to display a license issued by the Board in a place visible to the general public “Mogapi said.