The North West Gambling Board has recently hosted a responsible gambling campaign at Onkgopotse Tiro Comprehensive School. The primary objective of this campaign is to caution learners about the dangers of illegal and underage gambling.

Illegal gambling continues to be an area of concern in the country and the North West province has not been spared. The Board loses over thirty million rand per annum in taxes and levies as a result of illegal gambling activities. The ramifications of illegal and underage gambling are dire particularly on women and girls. More often than not young girls are lured into illegal gambling activities and end up being trafficked for prostitution and drugs.

The Principal of Onkgopotse Tiro Comprehensive School, Mr Teach Kgonothi says the campaign was an eye-opening exercise. He has appealed to law enforcement agencies to clamp down on illegal gambling activities. “Law enforcement authorities must close down these businesses without a wink as they manifest themselves in various forms including ills directed at society. Shutting down these facilities become imperative in that we must do everything in our power to protect our kids from illegal and underage gambling activities”.

Chief Executive Officer of the North West Gambling Board, Mr Nathan Oliphant maintains it is of vital importance that the youth and in particular young girls are being cautioned about the dangers of illegal and underage gambling at an early age. He further insists the responsibility of the Board in the society goes beyond its regulatory mandate. The Board is duty bound to impart much needed information about the dangers of illegal gambling and its ramifications in the society.

“We want to appeal to the people of North West to help us fight the scourge of illegal gambling in the province. The money lost to illegal gambling activities is supposed to help government deal with a number of socio-economic challenges bedevilling the development of our communities”.

Mr. Oliphant maintains this has an adverse impact on the plans of government to reverse the injustices of the past through creation of opportunities in rural and farm dwellings. Illegal and underage gambling has led to women being susceptible to exploitation and abuse and must be nipped in the bud.