The North West Gambling Board will be paying tribute to the retiring Ms Shiela Moswanae Konzane at the end of October 2021. “Ausi Shiela” as she is affectionately known will be hanging up the cap and gloves and taking off her boots after her long service to the North West Gambling Board (“the Board”) for nearly two decades in the Law enforcement unit.

Ms Konzane has been an asset to the Board since 2002 where she served the then Law Enforcement section of the Board as the secretary to the Legal Enforcement Manager. Her hard work and dedication advanced her to a higher role of the Law Enforcement Inspector in 2007. Her passion and eagerness to learn and develop herself within the gambling industry opened doors for her in 2014 when she assumed the responsibility in the restructured Gambling Control Department as the Gambling Control Inspector where she worked until her retirement.

Ausi Sheila, as a woman of many talents contributed to the efficacy, success and prestige of the Board in many ways and this was recognised when she was tasked to spearhead the Annual Report project of the Board for 6 years running. It is during this time where her creative talent was realised as she contributed in compiling documents that informed stakeholders about the performance and financial position of the Board.

The void to be created by the departure of Ausi Sheila certainly be felt particularly as she leaves at the time when the industry is struggling due to the negative effects of Covid 19 and where people of her caliber, who are selfless and loyal employee of the organization are needed.

Her commitment, determination and diligence in enforcing law in the regulation and transformation of the gambling industry is a legacy that will go down in the history of the Board as best practices worthy of emulation by co-workers. We salute her for remaining faithful to the organisation and for upholding the image and ethos of the organization wherever she performed her duties especially at a critical time when the organization was going through the rebranding process.

In the words of wise men “Old show horses never die, they just find new championships to win”, and these are the words we want to impart to Ausi Sheila as the journey of life is one that can never guarantee that we will never meet again.

“Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life” Proverbs 16:31

The Board, Management and Staff wishes you the best of luck to you in this new stage of your life. We have watched you put so much of your life into this entity, you deserve this retirement. Have a good, well deserved and happy retirement.