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On the 04 November 2022, the Board conducted an underage gambling campaign at Senwametsana Primary School in Setlagole. This comes as result of noticeable underage gambling in the North West province which is growing at an alarming rate. Educators across the province have also reported to have recognize some high level of undue interest the learners have taken on gambling.

It is against this background that the Board saw it fit to conduct awareness campaign across the province targeting young children, to educate them about the dangers and consequence of gambling.

One of the teachers at Senwametsana Primary School stated that, due to the rate of unemployment in their area, many adults take part in gambling activities which is then emulated by children who see the activity as a means to financial freedom.

From the interactions with the learners, one of the learners mentioned that, his unemployed mother gambles daily with their SASSA child grants.

The rise of illegal gambling cherry master machines at tuck-shops, has a high impact on underage gambling, as most minors spend most of their afternoons after school gambling at these spaza shops which may lead to developing a gambling problem at a young age.

This problem has led to a huge number of negative behavioral, psychological, interpersonal, and academic problems associated with underage gambling within schools in the North West Province. Underage gambling has been shown to result in increased unlawful and criminal behavior, poor academic performance, higher rate of school absence, dropout and disruption during classes.

The North West Gambling Board together with the South African Police Service are hard at work to ensure that these illegal machines are removed from the places where children can access them and calls on anyone who may see these machines in these tuck-shops to notify the Board.

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